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Homes and businesses that were built decades ago were designed with a standard number of switches, fixtures and wiring connections, which may not be suitable for today’s modern electrical requirements. Renovations, upgrades and additions made over time can take a significant toll on the power capacity that your commercial or residential property was originally designed for. Trust the licensed electrical experts at Spark Electric LLC to provide professional inspections, diagnose and upgrade the interior wiring of your commercial or residential property in Texas City.

Problems with interior wiring are evident when outlets and switches malfunction or prove to be faulty. If the interior lights of your home or business flicker, dim or blackout periodically, or switches become hot to the touch, contact Spark Electric LLC for a free estimate before electrical problems become serious hazards.

Faulty Wiring – A Serious Threat

Protect your family and business from potential harm posed by faulty or outdated wiring with a Spark Electric LLC inspection. We can determine if your home or business is in compliance with strict Texas City standards.

Whether upgrading your property or wiring a brand new construction, rely on Spark Electric LLC for the following:

  • Inspection and assessment of current wiring condition
  • Addition of new circuits
  • Interior lighting design, installation, repair & upgrades
  • Receptacles & wiring for phone, data, audio & cable TV
  • Surge protection
  • Knob and Tube replacement
  • Aluminum wiring rejuvenation
  • Whole house rewiring
  • New switches installation
  • Appliance hookup & wiring

An electrical fire caused by improper wiring can completely destroy a home or business within minutes!

An investment in the rewiring of your home or business is an investment that not only safeguards against potentially serious electrical hazards, but also increases the market value of your property and provides tremendous peace of mind.

For a full diagnosis, electrical inspection and free written estimate, contact Spark Electric LLC experts at (409) 457-0062.

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